Corksuckers of Marin and Sonoma County

We have a fun wine tasting group which started in Sacramento. The group meets once a month at someone’s house or club house for a blind tasting event. Guests bring a bottle of the theme wine with a dish to share. Pads and pencils are available to take notes and a group photo is taken each month.  During the evening guests are asked for their top 3 choices. A secret mathematical calculation is applied which produces a score for each bottle. At the end of the evening, the bottles are unveiled and the top 3 winners announced.

Part of my job as a host is to write down the name, region and year of each bottle. The information is posted on this website after each event. There is no charge or fee to attend. Think about it, where else can you go to taste from 5-30 bottles of a varietal for the price of one, eat glorious food, and meet great people?

I hope you’ll give CorkSuckers a try!

Corksuckers Wine tasting
“Marin/Sonoma CorkSuckers was started by Cyndie Martel in April of 2003”
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